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Ange--Marie has always felt different. You would too if your best friend was literally attached to you!


For as long as she can remember she has had a Big Poof of curly hair on top of her head. Strange things seem to happen whenever she is around.


Ange-Marie is a natural leader and very resourceful. She is loyal to her friends and has an overwhelming desire to learn and help everyone she encounters.

The Magic Poof

 A great ball of mischievous hair that sits on top of Ange-Marie's head. The extent of the Poof's magic is still unknown. An impish and fun spirit, he functions as a catalyst for hilarity and and adventures in the real world and in the "Poof" World." He's goofy, nutty and definitely a character!  


The Poof loves his friends, adventures, dancing and imitiating any object or animal he sees. however the Poof is like any other hair. He doesn't like to be combed, or brusehd and he definitely does NOT like to be cut!


Sassy, bold, a daredevil, and a fashionista, Ling has never met an adventure she didn't courageously run into...usually without heeding the consequences.


She's strong in her convictions and devoted to her friends. Ling is flamboyant, not just with her clothes, but with her actions.


Dylan's new friends are taking him on adventures he didn't even know he wanted to go on!  Small for his age and shy, Dylan became part of the foursome after being rescued from a bully by Ange-Marie, Ling and the Poof.


Super smart, he's an inventor and technological genius and always sees things in a different way. Dylan is thoughtful, a planner and constantly writing notes in his book of ideas.

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